[Editor] As many of our web visitors are interested to know about why we named our organization Shangri-la, here are few tit-bits about Shangri-La:

"SHANGRI-LA"--LOST HORIZON FOUND! - A classic novel, Lost Horizon [1933].
Written by the late James Hilton almost 80 years ago to express the philosophy of the High Lama of Shangri-La. [1900-1954]

"Lost Horizon" tells the dramatic adventures of a noted British diplomat who attempts to evacuate a small group of people from a revolution in Southern Asia and unwittingly leads them into a kidnapping, a plane crash and a trek through storm-swept Himalayan mountains to the mystical, magical Valley of the Blue Moon and the lamasery of Shangri-La, where the art, the culture and the accumulated knowledge of the world are treasured against the day when an all-out war will destroy civilization. The clash of the severe ethnology of the outer world with the serene life style of Shangri-La is a key factor in the drama that unfolds. "Lost Horizon." It is guarded by an almost impossible barrier of ice and snow and seemingly limitless distances in total isolation from the outside world. Shangri-La, a beautiful Paradise Lost amongst the tops of the distant and nearly impregnable Himalayas, is really the spiritual haven sought by every heart that longs for brotherly love, truth, beauty, peace, and eternal contentment.

WHEN THE DAY COMES THAT THE WORLD BEGINS TO LOOK FOR A NEW LIFE, it is our hope they may find it here in Shangri-La. Here we shall be with our way of life based on one simple rule--love. And it is our hope that Shangri-La's brotherly love will then spread throughout the world.