" Child Education Project (CEP):

Under CEP, currently the foundation has been providing a complete education package comprising of tuition fees, room and boarding facilities to 14 underprivileged children from Kavre and Okhaldhunga districts. The families of these children are living in extreme poverty. If a family were to sell everything they own in order to educate just one of their children, it would not cover even one year's tuition. Quality education, though cheap by western standards, is still far out of the reach of any families from the outlying rural communities.

These children are now attending school in Kathmandu and are doing well academically, though initially adapting was difficult for them, due to the inferior quality of education in the villages, or in some cases, having received no education at all.


Sunil is 8 years old boy. He comes from a broken home from a Magar community. In spite of his background he is very intelligent, cheerful and eager to learn. Since he was born he is been living with his maternal grandparents. He is been doing very well with his studies and came top in his class.

It is our hope that one day he will grow up to be a responsible and productive member of society and take responsibility towards his family.

"Children are today's investment & tomorrow's dividend."


" Rescue Kalika Devi VDC Project- Phase I

The save Shangri-la Foundation has initiated an infrastructure based, community focused project, of health, education and income generation at Chippling village of Kalika devi VDC, Okhaldhunga. The project comprises of constructing a multipurpose community building with library, heath post, meeting hall and sports ground.
The sports ground has already been built. Since then, various inter-village sports competitions have been held and this ground has even been useful to people

from the neighboring district of Rammechapas. Training of a local health worker for this project has also been completed.

Due to the recent armed conflict, the construction of the multi purpose building had to be postponed but will be resumed as soon as a definite peace is established in the area.

Kalika Devi VDC: A brief account

Kalika Devi VDC lies in a remote area of Okhaldhunga. The VDC's health and education as well as other development status, as per various indicators, is of sub standard. The VDC still does not have electricity or tap water access. Infectious diseases, maternal ailments and nutritional deficiencies are the leading causes of health problems and mortality in this VDC. Presently, the nearest government health post is two days walk away. The post is not adequately equipped with medicines, or facilities or adequately trained health workers.
There is a school up to grade five in this village but for further schooling, children from around age 12 must walk two hours each way.

"Support to Nepal Disabled Association:

As a part of supporting other organizations which are assisting the physically disabled, the foundation has supplied various useful goods such as wheel chairs to the Nepal Disabled Association. More such programs are plannedfor the future.